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Energy Efficient Homes

Each River Valley home incorporates a combination of materials, construction techniques and products that work together to help deliver better indoor air quality, enhance comfort, improve durability, reduce maintenance costs and help lower monthly utility bills.  Our focus and efforts help minimize the environmental impact of our business and homes, and increase awareness of how each of us can make a difference every day. River Valley Homes, a top choice for energy efficient home buyers in the Quad Cities metropolitan area.


New & Custom Home Construction

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New Homes

At River Valley Homes, we believe buying the home of your dreams should be easy. That’s why you’ll have your own team that will help you choose a new house you can afford, in a community that’s right for your family and lifestyle. 

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Custom Homes

We’ll build you a beautiful new custom home without the custom price. Through years of relationships with great partners, River Valley Homes can build your dream home at a price lower than the competition.

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Energy Efficient

Superior function and innovative design come standard.  Built with energy efficiency, River Valley Homes incorporates the latest developments in new home building science to ensure superior energy efficiency.

The River Valley Difference

Energy Efficient Home Builder


Energy Efficient is Better

Building a new home may be one of the largest investments you make in your lifetime—it’s not the time to cut corners where energy efficiency is concerned. The windows, doors, walls, ceilings and skylights define your home’s “shell.” If the shell is built properly using quality materials, you will reduce the transfer of heat, cold, and moisture and reduce your energy usage.

Ultra-efficient homes combine the latest in sustainable materials, appliances and lighting with renewable energy systems, such as high efficient conventional forced air heating & cooling systems. Recently, wood framing, particularly 2×6 framing in colder climates, is earning recognition for its energy saving advantages. The added depth provides greater resistance to heat flow reducing the impact of construction on the environment. 

Cut Energy Costs Drastically

From superior insulation to sustainable material, River Valley Homes offers energy efficient construction and design. With a growing demand for energy–efficient homes, investing in a newly built home now can mean increased value in the future.  Here at River Valley Homes we can build a new home that’s not only comfortable for you, but will save money on your energy bill for years to come. 

River Valley Homes, building new homes in the Quad Cities and surrounding areas more efficiently.  Contact River Valley Homes today!


Why choose us?

We Build to a Higher Standard

At River Valley Homes, we are always working to deliver the latest in modern functionality and convenience with stylish design features and finishes that give your family a beautiful place to call home.

Ease of Communication

With our straightforward approach, your home builder will see you through every step of the building process, from reviewing your blue print to the final step of your completed home.

Peace of Mind

We are the leading new home builder in the Quad Cities. You’ll know that your investment is safe with our respected and experienced team that your family’s dream is in good hands.


River Valley Homes prides itself on creating beautifully designed, structurally sound homes our clients are absolutely in love with.